Botanical Oils for Healthy Locs E-Book SKU: 140837

This e-book shares details about the most beneficial oils for locs, tips on how to use them, and how to apply the oils for better results!


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The "Botanical Oils for Healthy Locs " guide shares 8 of the most beneficial oils for locs to address a range of hair & scalp concerns. The oils discussed in this guide focus on healing dryness, hair loss, dandruff, irritated scalp, and dullness. 

What You’ll Learn:

✔︎ The Most Beneficial Oils for Hair & Scalp Concerns 
✔︎ The Difference Between Essential Oils & Plant Oils 
✔︎ Mixing Formulation for Creating Your Own Oil
✔︎ Ideal Treatment for Revitalizing Dry Locs
✔︎ Which Essential Oils to Avoid / Use With Caution.