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This e-book shares everything you need to know to moisturize your locs.


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The "Unlocking Moisture" guide shares the technical and real-life applications of how to moisturize your locs or Sisterlocks. 

By dispelling common myths and mistakes made in Loc'd Hair Care you will learn the foundations of building a healthy hair care regimen. 

What You’ll Learn:

✔︎ What hair is made of and why it’s important to know for moisturizing
✔︎ How to tell the difference between dry hair and porous hair 
✔︎ The types of moisturizing treatments for locs 
✔︎ How to determine which products are actually moisturizing 
✔︎ “Moisturizing” treatments and products you should avoid
✔︎ The products and tools for moisturizing locs 
✔︎ How to create a moisturizing hair regimen at home